J 460 - Green Brand stratEGY


Prompt: Using the list of the top actions that will mitigate climate change from http://www.drawdown.org/solutions, find a brand that is currently doing one of these actions and put together a campaign recommendation that amplifies the brands' actions to a larger target audience.


about girls who code

Girls Who Code is a nonprofit organization founded in 2012 with the mission of closing the gender gap in technologyThey want to provide resources for young girls who are interested in the STEM field. Currently they have 90,000 participants in all 50 states.

Drawdown solutions to reduce greenhouse gases: Educating girls ranks #6. According to research, educating girls “lays a foundation for vibrant lives for girls and women, their families and their communities. It also is one of the most powerful levers available for avoiding emissions by curbing population growth. Women with more years of education have fewer and healthier children, and actively manage their reproductive health.”

In simpler terms: boss ladies aren't having as many babies.

Other ways it aligns with a green message:

  • Educated women can make new discoveries that can help improve the environment.

  • Educated women may be more knowledgeable on how to protect the environment.

The Campaign

target audience:

Current: girls from 6th grade to 12th grade.

Goal: amplify the brand's actions to a larger target audience by reaching parents who may not be as educated or familiar with the opportunities for young women in the STEM field. 



Strategy / Copywriting / Art Direction: Kristen Friis