National Student Advertising COmpetition - 2019


This campaign won first place in the NSAC District XI Competition. We were part of the top 19 schools out of 125. As the Strategy Director of this team, I managed the strategy team and lead semi-weekly all team meetings. As a strategy team, we were responsible for conducting research, creating focus groups, analyzing data and forming insights to write a creative brief for the campaign.

The Ask: Develop a marketing campaign for Wienerschnitzel – the world’s largest hot dog chain – that elevates the image of the hot dog to increase primary demand.

The Insights: The hot dog is generally consumed during celebratory occasions (barbecues, birthday parties, baseball games etc.). Indulging in a hot dog shouldn’t be restricted to these celebratory moments. Our target audience consists of hard workers that value wellness and indulgence because they work hard and deserve an excuse to reward themselves for any occasion, big or small.

The Strategy: Hot dogs celebrate any moment.

The Tagline: Go Beyond. Go Schnitz.


Strategists: Jeremy Bondy, Hannah Kloft, Katherine Dean, Colin Kearney, Elizabeth Gonzalez, Paige Price, me.

Copywriters: Olivia Howe, Ryan Seibold, Annika Minges, Teddy Popick, me.

Art Directors / Designers: Haley Koch, Maile Sur, Lindsey Epifano, Aodan Reddy, Darragh White, Sophie Wood.

Producers: Will Nielsen, Ryan Killeen.

Media Planners: Chris Hieb. Lynn Nguyen, Annie McJacobs, Dani Torrey, Zaria Parvez.

Account / Project Managers: Grace Gandolfo, Elizabeth Beymer.